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Natural Light Photographer. Creating moments that last forever and an experience like no other.

Brittany Ganss


Perrysburg, Ohio based photographer Family, Maternity and High School Senior Sessions

My philosophy


. . .


My passion is portraits. They have always been. I absolutely LOVE capturing the imperfect moments. I am not kidding. I am going to get all real and gussy here. The moments you want to freeze and hang onto forever. That exact moment when your two year old has ice cream all over their face and in their hair and all over to table too. During this moments you might want to maybe get mad and frustrated at the fact that you have to clean up the mess and then your kid, but when you take a breath and embrace the messy and craziness of life…those my friends are the moments you want to freeze and look back on.

This is my philosophy. Being a photographer and being a creative has opened my eyes up to look at every single detail of everything everyday. By no means did I start my career to put kids in pain because they are dreading going to take photos because their parents are forcing them to sit on a box and say cheese. No way! I developed a love for it because of this quote….


Photography is a way of feeling, of touching of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” aaron sisking

I have the great pleasure of creating and developing endless memories for people and often times strangers. And that I believe is a really awesome things.


So Be You! Find your passion and learn and grow. Today is the day.